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Welcome to Alzheimer DataLens

What's New

Expression boxplots across Braak and CERAD stages are now available.

About Alzheimer DataLens

Alzheimer DataLENS  provides information on hypothesis-driven and data driven research, allowing neuroscientists to share, browse and visualize comprehensive results from bioinformatics analysis of public omics datasets. It also serves as a tool to organize and share results from MassCATS investigations.

About MassCATS

Alzheimer DataLENS is a project of the Massachusetts Center for Alzheimer Therapeutics Science (MassCATS), which is a public-private partnership to discover new treatments for Alzheimer's disease, organized through the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Leading academic researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School, and MIT are working with healthcare and pharmaceutical partners to find new techniques, mechanisms and drug targets in the fight against Alzheimer's - a disease affecting 40 million people worldwide for which there is currently no cure.

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